Jessica Leitch and Jacob Gottlieb – Proprietors

Much like our philosophy in life, in the world of wine, you’re forever a student and constantly evolving. Each bottle encapsulates so much of our journey that continues to bring us so much joy, growth, and humility. We have cherished all the experiences that have come our way, the people we have crossed paths with, and the insurmountable amount of support from all of you!

 Alan Kinne – Winemaker

U.S. Winemaker of the Year in 1994, Alan has been making wine since 1977 spending time in California, Oregon, Michigan, New York, and Virginia. He spent over 10 years consulting wineries along the East Coast and is responsible for the Albariño that grows along the Central Coast. An integral part of our success, we continue to be so fortunate and grateful of Alan’s guidance and teaching. We feel his resume speaks for itself and merits the nickname in our eyes as “The Albariño King!”

 David Jenner – The Ingenious Man

We often get asked: “Who came up with the names of your wines?” Wonder no more, friends! We go to our trusty, always reliable, clever best friend David, who never seems to disappoint! Anytime we are in need of a catchy new name, the three of us come together as we explain to David our journey and purpose behind each wine. Within minutes, voilà, we have ourselves a name!  No one does it better! 

 Anthony Taylor – Artist

Not often do many mention the creator behind labels and logos, but we feel in our case, it’s well warranted. Anthony has been a close family friend of ours for years. We have known about his talent and skill for some time so it was only natural that we ask for his assistance. His authentic approach in illustrating the personality of each wine is what drives the eyes of many. We realize that what’s in the bottle is most important, but like our wine, our labels tell a story. A story we feel is imperative to tell in more ways than one.